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Now, Jintropin is the most popular HGH – every amateur or professional bodybuilder have heard about Jintropin or tried it. The main reason of its popularity – is highest quality and relatively low price, comparing to HGH brands from pharmacy.

Why it is hard to find genuine Jintropin for sale?

Jintropin HGH

This Jintropin is 90 % fake

However, many athletes complains it is hard to find genuine Jintropin for sale. It is true, because Jintropin that is available now  in the most of online
shops is often fake. Fake Jintropin you can see on the picture – it is a green and white kit with Chinese hieroglyphs. Jintropin in this kind of package is used ONLY in China (domestic)
and it is almost impossible to take it out of the country – it is forbidden and strictly punished. Obviously, it is easier for supplier to sell fake HGH than to risk life taking it from China.

So, if you are offered to buy Jintropin in this kit, don’t do that, because 90 % you will get counterfeit product, that is packed as domestic Jin.

Genuine Jintropin

Jintropin HGH

Genuine kit of Jintropin

The only legit Jintropin you can find now on the market is Jintropin with Russian letters (on the picture).

It has been distributed by UK company Europharm since 2011.

You can buy  it for just 270 $ for 100 IU in this shop.

How to identify legit Jintropin?

Real Jintropin is produced as 4 and 10 IU vials. 4 IU has green cap and green ribbon on the kit and 10 IU vial has orange ones.

Security sticker. Each kit of Jintropin has a unique sticker with unique code and fibers on it, which you can check on the official GenSci website. When you type the code there, you will see the page with information whether your kit is legit and image of fibers you can compare with yours.
                Jintropin HGH fibers buy Jintropin with genuine sticker


Bacteriostatic water. JIntropin package contain ampoules with bac water that is the best choice to dissolve somatropin.

History of Jintropin

Jintropin has a long history, starting in 1996, when Doctor Lei Jin with Chinese state founded Gene Science (GenSci) and started preparation to manufacturing of HGH. In 1997 first vials with Jintropin were produced. During the next 10 years the growth hormone was getting more and more popular became the popular among sportsmen and celebreties all round the world.Gensci Jintropin HGH

In 2006-2007 several scandals connected with Jintropin took place – arrest of Stallone with Jintropin when he was trying to took it inside Australia without permission and scandals with sportsmen, who confessed in HGH usage.

In 2007 USA incriminated Lei Jin organizing of illegal Jintropin to USA and demanded Lei Jin extradition to the States. China didn’t satisfy the demand, however, in 2008 Jintropin manufacturing stopped for 3 years until 2011.

In 2011 the production renewed, but the ways of Jintropin distribution changed. Now, the only distributor is Europharm (UK company) europharm.com, that buy the whole batch of Jintropin and then sell it to smaller companies and pharmacies.

Now, Jintropin is certified for sale in 7 countries.

Effects of JintropinJintropin HGH effects

  • Increases muscle mass. HGH like steroids accelerates protein synthesis, which leads to muscle growth.
  • Increases amount of skeletal muscle cells. Growth hormone has unique feature – it induces muscle cell division. Big cell divide on two smaller, which can be again hypertrophied.
  • Fat loss. Growth hormone changes energy source from carbohydrates to body fat, so HGH using leads to decrease of fat mass, espessially belly fat.
  • Improvement of bones, ligaments, joints and skin. Jintropin as other HGH, increase rate of collagen production, so your cartilage and skin, that consists of collagen, will be repaired.

Jintropin quality.


  • GMP certificate. Jintropin is produced due to the international pharmaceutical standard – GMP. It means, that Jitnropin is a product of the highest quality.
  • Manufactured on government factory. 50 % of GenSci is owned by Chinese state, that control the quality of Jintropin.
  • Great reputation since 1998.
  • Certified for sale in 7 countries.
  • Purity 97-99 %. Pure HGH causes fewer side effects than the substance with a big percent of bacterial residue.

How to use Jintropin?

Duration. Growth hormone shows its best results when it used for long periods of 3 and more months. So, you need to take it at least for 3 months consequently

Dosage. Dosage greatly depends on your purpose and experience. IF you take HGH for the first time, 5 IUs daily will be enough for great improvement of physique.

Injections. Do sterile subcutaneous injections using insulin syringes. Divide your daily amount of HGH by 2 injections. Do the first one at the morning fasting and the second 6-8 hours later.

Combinations. You can combine Jintropin with insulin and AAS for better gains.

Insulin should be injected after 30 minutes after HGH shot to decrease blood sugar level and to accelerate protein synthesis in synergy with HGH. Dosage of insulin depends on your sensitivity, but 5-15 IU is usually enough.

Steroids help to significantly enhance HGH effects. You can easily add HGH to any steroid cycle to make your gains cleaner during bulking and you can also use HGH on cutting with steroids like Anavar and Winstrol.

What results should I expect of Jintropin?

JIntropin HGH results

Results of HGH cycle

Your results depends on your dosage, experience, physique, age, diet and training. However, average male user taking 6-7 IU of Jintropin for 3-4 months training well and keeping diet can expect 10-15 lbs of muscles to gain and the same amount of fat to lose.

Jintropin reviews

Most of bodybuilders that used genuine Jintropin say about awesome improvement in physique – they became more muscular, ripped and vascular. At the same time users notice mild side effects and good overall feeling of the cycle.