Buying HGH you should always consider 2 main things choosing a source to buy – reliabililty of this source and authenticity of products it sells. Current HGH market is full of both scammers and low-grade products.

We want to provide you some proofs that you can trust

  1. We are approved on 2 big bodybuilding forums – and You can visit threads about here – brotherhoodofpain and here – superiormuscle
  2. In this post you can see photos of Jintropin and Hygetropin we sell – WorldHGH experience These photos are made by FrankTheTank – one of the moderators on BOP and very trusted person on the forum.
  3. By this link you can find laboratory tests of HGH we sell. All of products tested well – Link to laboratory tests

Here are other reviews (some of them are for our previous domain name –

Placed an order Quick Delivery!

Order received

Pulling the trigger

“WorldHGH” Review

WorldHGH Review 5 stars

First order!

**Unbelievable Quality and Service** Porn and Authenticity

Alphatrop – review

Great Service!!

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rado’s GH log


  1. We sell only genuine products. Below you can see some photos of security stickers of Jintropin. You can check them on the official website and find out they are genuine –


4. Here are 4 bloodtests passed by our customers using Jintropin (33,5 ng/ml, 29,2 ng/ml) and Hygetropin (39,7 ng/ml, 20,5 ng/ml)


5. Some screenshots from USPS showing that we really send items to customers and they receive them successfully.


From this info you can conclude that is a reliabe source to get genuine HGH of pharmaceutical grade.

Thank you for attention!