HGH benefits. What are main benefits of HGH?

This article is an attempt to give scientific information about major HGH benefits to body including improvement of physique, fat loss, healing of cartilage, effects on immune and cardiovascular system.

If you are interested in using growth hormone this information about HGH benefits will help you to decide whether you need to use it or not.

Muscle growth HGH benefitsmuscle-cellsjpg-300x212 (1)

Anabolic properties of growth hormone are strong and they made it so popular among sportsmen, especially bodybuilders. HGH influences muscle via IGF-1, which is a result of growth hormone conversion in liver. IGF-1 binds to receptors in skeletal muscle tissue and in this way promotes protein synthesis.

Second way – is increasing number of nucleuses in muscle cells. Growth hormone induce transportation of miosatellite cells to already existing muscle cells. Miosatellites gives them their nucleuses and the muscle cell grows.

Increase number of muscle cells by their division

This effect is called hyperplasia – when one big muscle cell divides by two smaller ones. They, in turn, have more ability for hypertrophy than one cell. It seems to be the main among all HGH benefits, because significantly improves possible amount of muscles that you can gain.HGH benefits

Hyperplasia caused by HGH is likely to be the reason, why in 90-s bodybuilders became 15-20 kg heavier than in 80-s.

Anticatabolic activity

Growth hormone was proven to decrease oxidation of amino acids by 50 % during training [14] and similar decrease in amount of nitrogen in urine (it shows lower protein breakdown rate).

Growth hormone also prevents conversion of cortisone to cortisole, which is known to be main catabolic hormone.


Fat diminshing HGH benefits

Another great HGH benefit – ability to decrease fat even without keeping a diet.

How it works?HGH benefits

  • Growth hormone makes fats available by pushing them into blood as free fatty acids (FFA). That is why organism starts to use them as energy and oxidate fat
  • Converses thyroid hormone T4 to T3 form, which accelerates metabolism and is more active than T4
  • Accelerates resting metabolic rate

These HGH benefits allow you to burn fat even without a calorie restriction – you can lose fat and gain muscles at the same time.

Famous experiment, which was published in New England Journal of Medicine, shows that 6 months of HGH treatment resulted in 14 % decrease in fat mass. This result was achieved without training or diet – only by using HGH. Obviously, if you train hard and eat clean, you will achieve more.


How HGH influences cartilage?

Increases bone density

Bone density is amount of minerals per square centimeter of bones. Bones become fragile, when bone density is low. When density is extremely low, person has osteoporosis. Growth hormone improve bone density by increasing level of collagen and osteocalcin.

Heals ligaments and jointsHGH side effects

Most of the sportsmen have problems with joints and ligaments – pain and bad state of joints make training uncomfortable. Growth hormone can solve this problem – it accelerates rate of collagen and elastin synthesis, which results in joints improvement and ligament healing, because both of them consists mostly of these proteins

Strength of bones and joints help athlete to increase muscle strength.

HGH benefits for immune system

HGH benefits

Immune cells, like others cells of body have receptors of IGF and can be enhanced by HGH.

  • T-cells. This type of cells is produced by thymus and is responsible for the most of immune system functions. With aging thymus atrophy and its function worsens. However, HGH was found to return thymus its size and revive its functions. Scientists proved that people with growth hormone deficient have problems with thymus function and it can be restored if patients take exogenous HGH.
  • NK-cells (natural killer cells)

Natural killer cells that complement T-cells are also can be stimulated by HGH. This function is still active even after GH treatment.

  • B-cells. Growth hormone is able to augment immunoglobulin, thus stimulating B-cells to resist illnesses by secreting antibodies.

Expanding life period of cells

HGH benefits that allow to make cell younger and aging process slower have made growth hormone a popular drug in anti-aging therapy. Growth hormone prevents rapid death of cell when it doesn’t allow telomerase (life clock of cell) to shorten. As a result, cell is able to live longer.


Other benefits of HGH

  • Diminishes level of cholesterol. Johan Verhelst and Roger Abs [16] research showed that growth hormone decrease total cholesterol level by 7 %. Especially, falls the level of bad cholesterol of very low density (VLDC)
  • Betters sleep. Growth hormone improve quality of sleep – users claim that they sleep like babies. It results in better muscular and nervous recovery.
  • Betters skin. Because of elastin and collagen synthesis, HGH makes skin cleaner and more elastic. It also helps to smooth age wrinkles and hydrate dehydrated skin of old people
  • Improves cardiovascular function. Many studies of GH deficient people showed that they have significantly higher risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. People with GHD have bad lipid profiles, high level of cholesterol, fat concentrated in abdominal area etc.

experiment on rats performed by Renhui Yang [9] showed that GH helps to fight heart diseases and prevent occurance of new. It is partly because it increases cardiac index (ability of heart to pump blood well),  stroke volume index (heart capacity to excrete blood), and left ventricular maximum (show strength of heart).

Mental benefits of growth hormone

  • Improves vision.
  • GH strengthens muscles that hold lenses
  • Prevents from degeneration cells of retina
  • Prevents cataract and glaucoma
  • Better memory and cognitive function

Michael Vitiello and Baker LD [13] conducted experiments to evaluate how increasing level of HGH improves cognitive functions, particularly executive function, IQ and memory.

Results after 10 weeks of treatment showed significant rise in executive function (ability to concentrate, think rapidly, remember information connected with usual life), ability to memorize and solve intellectual tasks (IQ rise).


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