HGH brands. Market overview of popular HGH brands

Choosing the right one among HGH brands is a important topic for bodybuilders who want to use HGH and don’t orient well in HGH brands, so In this article  you will know, what factors you need evaluate to buy good HGH and will get information about the most popular Western and Chinese brands of growth hormone.

First of all, lets divide all HGH brands on Western and Eastern (Chinese) and look at pros and cons of each type.

Western HGH brandsHGH brands

Most of these products you can buy in pharmacy. They are officially manufactured and possess the highest quality.


Origin: USA (Manufactured in Belgium)

Form: liophilisate powder and solventHGH brands

Price: 8-20 $/ IU


Origin: (EMD Serono Switzerland

Form: liophylisate powder, solvent for injection and auto-injector pen for multiply injectionsHGH brands

Price: 8-22$/IU


Origin: Eli Lilly and Company, USA

Form: liophilisate powder in glass cartridge, solution water, auto-injector pen

Price: 20-25$/IU


Origin: (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)v

Form: solvent for injections in glass cartridge and auto-injector pen for multiply injections

Price: 10-23$/ IU

Why Western HGH brands cost so much?

To get more info, you can read my article “HGH PRICE: HOW MUCH DOES HGH COST REALLY?»

  • Manufacturing expenses. In Western countries all manufacturing expenses, including labor, facilities, building, licence etc are higher. It leads to the high price of the products. But it isnt the main reason
  • People are rich and ready to pay this price for growth hormone. HGH is used mostly to treat GH deficient children and for anti-aging therapy. This purposes require fewer dosages comparing to bodybuilding and people are ready to pay money for HGH.
  • Companies use their reputation as international pharmaceutical companies with long history to increase the price of HGH brands
  • The demand on white market is low, so companies need to compensate low selling volume with high price


Pros of the expensive Western HGH brands

  • High purity of somatropin (97-99 %) and great quality.
  • Clean reputation
  • Official manufacturing
  • No fakes, if you buy in pharmacy


  • EXTREMELY high price – 10-20 $ for 1 IU. The price make them unavailable for the most of bodybuilders
  • You need a prescription to buy HGH in pharmacy.
  • 90 % of these HGH brands on the black market are fake


Chinese HGH brands

Chinese HGH brands can be alternative to Western products, because they are much cheaper, but the quality is on the same level. The most popular Chinese HGH are Jitnropin, Hygetropin and Ansomone. They are officialy manufactured on big pharmaceutical factories, so the quality is high.

Also, Chinese HGH brands have Anti-Counterfeit systems, so the number of their fakes is small even on black market.

Detailed description

JINTROPIN (since 1998)
Origin: (GeneScience Pharmaceuticals, China)

Form: liophilisate powder with bacteriostatic solvent and insulin syringes

Price: retail price – 2,5-6 $ IU.

270 $ in our shop

Genuine and fake JintropinHGH brands

Because Jintropin is very popular there are many fake Jintropin on the market. The most common fake is Jintropin with Chinese hieroglyphs on the kit. Sellers represent it as Jin for domestic usage in China, which was taken away from the country. In the most cases, it is lie and you get fake. The laws that regulate HGH usage are very strict in China and it is impossible to get HGH if you don’t have prescription as GH deficient. Also, it is very hard to take growth hormone out of China – it is violation of laws and is punished.

So, if you buy Jintropin with Chinese hieroglyphs, 95 % you get fake kit with underground somatropin of awful quality or peptide inside the vial.

Genuine JintropinHGH brands

The only genuine Jintropin available is Jintropin Europharm. This type of Jintropin is produced especially for export and sale to other countries. Now, it is allowed for sale in 7 countries.

The legit kit has Russian letters on it. Also, each kit of Jintropin has a sticker with unique fibers and 17 characters code. You can check it on GenSci website on Anti-Counterfeit page.

You can buy genuine Jintropin in our shop for 270 $

ANSOMONE (since 2005)

Origin: Anhui Anke Biotechnologies, ChinaHGH brands

Currently, Ansomone is GMP FDA certified somatropin approximately the same quality as Jintropin. Purity is about 96-98 %.

Price – 200-400 $ per 100 IU.

230$ in our shop

Form: liophylisate powder with bacteriostatic solvent and little diamond cutter. Each vial is packed in the little carton box with solvent and instruction paper.

HYGETROPIN (since 2004)

Origin: Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co., China

Purity: 95-96 %HGH brands

Average market price:  300$ per 100 IUs.

190 $ in our shop

Hygetropin is manufactured by Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm, subsidiary company of the old Shanghai Hygene Biopharm.  In 2015 Hygetropin obtained GMP certificate, so its quality is high and the price is even lower than Ansomone has.



  • Western HGH brands although have high quality, aren’t good choice for bodybuilding because of the high price
  • On the black market most of Western brands are faked
  • Chinese HGH brands are sighnificantly cheaper than American, however, their quality is similar
  • The best choice considering quality and price is Jintropin, Hygetropin and Ansomone

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