HGH side effects. How to avoid side effects of HGH?

This article is about HGH side effects and ways to avoid them. Further you will get informations about common, rare and mythological HGH side effects and different methods to lighten or eliminate them.

Common HGH side effects

Water retention

After a few days of using HGH, your body starts to retain water, especially in fingers, toes and on face. It can be uncomfortable; however it is a sign that you HGH is legit. There are several ways to avoid fluid retention. But at first you need to understand the mechanism, why growth hormone retain water.HGH side effects - water retention

The main 3 factors that regulate amount of water in body are – vasopersin, ANP (atrial natriuretic peptide) and amount of sodium ions (Na+).

ANP and vasopersin perform different functions – ANP reduces Na+ and water, but vasopersin induces their retention. When you take HGH, the balance of these substances breaks and vasopersin begins to retain fluid.

How to avoid fluid retention?

  • Limit your salt intake. Sodium is contained in salty products, so you need to eat not more than 2-3 g of salt a dayHGH side effects

  • Divide your dialy amount of growth hormone on 2-3 injections. The hardest side effects are noticed when scientists make injections 3 times a week. According to this protocol, HGH in extremely high dosages go to organism and disrupt the balance of ANP and vasopersin. To avoid side effects of HGH try to follow natural pulsatile biorhythm of growth hormone secretion and inject HGH 2-3 times a day.
  • Drink less alcohol. Or don’t drink it at all, because it retain water
  • Drink more water. Vasopersin is sensitive to water intake and if you drink too few water, organism try to retain it
  • Natural diuretics. If water retention makes you uncomfortable, you can take drinks with caffeine – coffee and tea. They are natural diuretics and may help. Usage of strong diuretics is undesirable.


Carpal tunnel syndromeHGH side effects   

Seond common side effect of growth hormone is carpal tunnel syndrome – numbness of fingers, pain in them and in wrists. This effect will go after about 1 month of your cycle.

The syndrome is caused by compression of median nerve in wrist. Median nerve divide on 4 nerves that go to 4 fingers. When it is compressed, the fingers become insensitive and feel tingling.

This side effect of HGH is caused by water retention  in wrist and increase in bone mass and becomes relived after the carpal ligament becomes wider

To lighten carpal tunnel syndrome, you can use multivitamins and B6 vitamin


Risks of HGH side effects

DiabetesHGH effects

Insulin and growth hormone influences glucose metabolism in to antagonistic ways – insulin transports sugar from blood to cells, thus decreasing blood glucose level. Growth hormone make organism to use fat as energy, so the sugar stay in blood and isnt used as energy. It leads to elevated level of sugar and excessive work of pancreas that tries to decrese this level. So, because of HGH pancreas needs to work more and it results in possible diabetes.

How to prvent risk of becoming diabetic?

  • First of all, this HGH side effect is dangerous if you have genetic incline to diabetes. Look at your relatives and check whether they have problems with glucose level. If they do, you are not recommended to take growth hormone
  • Secondly, pass blood sugar test. Normal range of blood taken from finger in 3,3-5,5 mmol/l, if you have higher level, don’t use growth hormone.
  • Do not take HGH for longer than 3-4 months. This period is relaitively safe if we talk about long term side effect of human growth hormone. You can run longer periods, but only if you take exogenous insulin.
  • Taking high dosages, necessarily include insulin to your cycle. When you use more than 10 IU of HGH, you need to inject insulin to prevent diabetes. Also, you can add insulin on lower dosages to increase efficacy of your cycle (Read more about it in HGH for bodybuilding article)


HGH and cancer

Cancer is one of the most discussed among side effects of growth hormone – people are worried about tumor occurrence, development and recurrence

  • Cancer initiation. Growth hormone cant induce cancer by itself. It was proved by PJ Jenkins [7], who claims that «recent surveillance of children and adults treated with GH has revealed no increase in observed cancer risk”. HGH cant induce cancer, because it doesn’t influence defected cells, that are considered to be the reasons of cancer
  • Cancer development. HGH can accelerate growth and development of tumors that already exist via mechanism of promoting division of cells, including cancer cells.
  • Cancer reccurance. Resent research showed that growth hormone threatment of children with deleted brain tumors, doesn’t show higher chances of cancer recurrence that in normal circumstances.



Suppression of thyroid gland.

This side effect of human growth hormone occurs when dosages are higher than 10-15 IU – thyroid gland works very hard and need help of exogenous hormones.


Mythological HGH side effects

Endogenous growth hormone suppression

Myth that injectable HGH causes suppression of endogenous hormone is connected with suppression effect of steroids on testosterone. However, scientists haven’t found long term effects on production of own GH.  Y Hashimoto [1] proved that growth hormone secretion starts after 24-30 hours after last injection and pituitary works as well as before HGH usage.

Short term suppression exists and was researched by SM Rosental – it is connected with somatostatin, which reacts to IGF-1 level. Somatostatin blocks HGH secretion when IGF level is high. The level returns to normal range 20-30 hours after HGH injection and then own growth hormone starts to be produced.

HGH gut.HGH side effects

I have already written big detailed article about such growth hormone side effects as HGH gut and Palumboism. Briefly, bloated bellies of nowadays bodybuilder are phenomenon’s of complex nature and aren’t cused by HGH only. Growth hormone is a part of professional anabolic cocktails of steroids and insulin, which in conjunction with extreme muscle mass and excessive food consumption, leads to growth of stomach.

Also, Professional bodybduilders use HGH for very long periods of 6 months and huge dosages of 15-30 IU, so amateurs who want to try growth hormone don’t have to worry about this side effect.



Acromegaly is a disease, when because of high GH level, facial bones and foots start to grow. An example of acromegal is Andre Giant. This effect is mythological and can be seen only whne you take high dosage of growth hormone.

Problems with libido

Myth that HGH can provoke problems with sexual function is caused by mistakable identification of growth hormone as a steroid. HGH and steroids are completely different and have different effects. Growth hormone don’t influence testosterone level nor libido.

HGH and hair loss

This myth is like the same as the previous. HGH don’t affect testosterone and don’t make you to lose hair. Conversely, growth hormone accelerates collagen synthesis, which results in better hair.



Rare side effects of HGH

Pain, itches and redness in injection siteSide effects of HGH

Redness after injection is a normal immune response to growth hormone. This effect is described in somatropin package leaflet

However, these problems can be conneceted with bad hygiene during injection. So follow these rules to prevent

  • Perform only sterile shots. Before injection wash your hands and wipe the site with alcohol to kill bacteria
  • Long spikes. Sometimes redness is connected with very short needle, so maybe you need longer one
  • Change injection sites.

If you already have itches, you need to compress them with cool gel pack

Morning fatigue and headache

This problem is rare. Some people describe that they wake up tired when they are on HGH and feel headache. This problem probably is caused by bad growth hormone, which contain too much bacterial residue. If you are going to use growth hormone, choose only high quality reputable brands.  (Read article about HGH BRANDSIf you have much money you can take growth hormone from pharmacy – Humatrop, Saizen, Genotropin. If you don’t, you can buy Chinese HGH brands of high quality – Jintropin, Ansomone and Hygetropin.


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