How to buy HGH?

To buy HGH at first you need to choose a good brand of growth hormone. The market now is overwhelmed with offers to buy HGH of any price from 100 for 100 IUs of generic underground to 2000 dollars for 100 IU of hormone from pharmacy. However, quality of the first type is awful and it can harm you and price of the second variant is inacceptable. So, to buy HGH online you need to use some factors to esteem all offers.

If you want to buy HGH properly, consider these factors:

  • Don’t buy HGH products of unknown origin! You buy pig in a spoke, because no one controls the real substance inside the vial. Growth hormone is a very complex substance, which requires expensive facilities to be produced properly. If the conditions are bad, HGH contains high percent of bacterial residue, which is harmful and decrease efficacy of growth hormone. Buy HGH only if it is officially manufactured by big pharmaceutical company, which has capacities to make it well. Also, necessarily check if it has official website and address of facilities.
  • Positive reviews and reputation. The best way to check if brand you choose to buy HGH is good to use, is to check reviews about it on the Net. Read what people write about their overall impressions, how they describe results, side effects. Buy only reputable growth hormone. Also, consider the amount of fakes of this product. For example, most of Kigtropin and Getropin on the market now are faked.

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    Security sticker of Jintropin

  • Security system. This factor is connected with the previous. Because the least protected HGH brands are the most counterfeited. The factor of security is very important if you buy HGH on black market. Many sellers and even wholesalers are dishonest and sell counterfeit to get profit. In these conditions, the only way to protect legit product is security system – holograms, security stickers with fibers, unique codes. Buy HGH only if it has Anti-counterfeit system. Thus, you will save your money and health.
  • Price of the pharmaceutical Westen brands as Humatrope and Norditropin is unreasonably high and too few bodybuilders can afford to buy HGH from local pharmacy. So, you should prefer Chinese HGH products, which are significantly cheaper but have similar quality


Buy HGH for best price – JINTROPIN.US

Our shop offers you to buy HGH of 3 brands – Jintropin, Hygetropin and Ansomone – for great price!

We offer only genuine products!

Now, they are the best variants to buy HGH for bodybuilding purposes.


Why they are so good?


GenSci – Jintropin manufacturer

  • Official manufacturing. All the products we sell are officially manufactured in China by big pharmaceutical companies – GenSci (Jintropin), Hygene Biopharm (Hygetropin) and AnkeBio (Ansomone). They produce HGH mostly for domestic purpose to treat children with GH deficiency. That means, that production is controlled by the state and growth hormone possesses high purity.
  • GMP certificate. All 3 products have obtained GMP certificate – the most reputable medicine certification in the world – just like Genotropin, Humatrope and Norditropin.
  • These HGH products are very reputable in bodybuilding for their low price and good quality. Jintropin is considered to be №1 brand of HGH in the world. Hygetropin and Ansomone have positive reputation too.

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    Hygetropin GMP certificate

  • Anti-Counterfeit system. You can be confident in authencity of Jintropin, Ansomone and Hygetropin when you buy HGH, because they have security system – holograms, stickers with unique fibers and codes. The system guarantee you legit product.
  • Low price. Because manufacturing expenses in China are low, price of HGH is available for most of amateur bodybuilders – only 190 $ for 100 IU of Hygetropin and 270 $ for Jintopin. 5 IU/ day cycle for 3 months will be only 1000-1500 $. 300-500 $ for one month.

Where to buy HGH? Why

You should buy HGH in for the following reasons:

  • You will get genuine HGH of pharmaceutical quality, produced officially.
  • Best price. We get HGH from big wholesaler, so here we can offer the best price for you to buy HGH.
  • We cover 50 % of EMS shipping cost. Growth hormone is a fragile substance, which require low storage temperature and so can be destroyed by long 2-3 weeks delivery by ordinary Airmail. We provide you EMS 7 days delivery for only 23 $.
  • Free shipping if you order at least 2 kits. We will ship your items for free, if you order 2 kits and more.
  • You will get free consultations about HGH usage during your cycle.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone secreted by pituitary and responsible for promoting of linear growth during childhood and also for muscle development, regulation of body fat and metabolism of food nutrients.

Why HGH is used by bodybuilders?

Growth hormone for the last 10-20 years has became very popular drug among sportsmen and bodybuilders particularly for the next benefits, which can persuade you to buy HGH.

  • Growth of lean muscle mass. HGH especially in combination with steroids allow you to gain awesome clean muscle mass without gaining fat.

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    Estimated result of HGH

  • Loss of fat as gaining muscles. Using growth hormone you can gain muscles and lose fat simultaneously. The reason is that HGH changes your source of energy from carbs to body fat, so you roughly saying start to build muscles from fat.
  • Healing of cartilage. Pain in joints and ligaments is a common problem among bodybuilders, but growth hormone helps to remove it. Because the hormone accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis. Collagen and elastin are body proteins, which constitute the cartilage.
  • Improvement of skin. Skin is constituted of collagen too, so somatropin helps to improve it, make cleaner and more elastic.

Muscle cell division

The main benefit of HGH – increasing the number of muscle cells

Another reason to buy HGH is hyperplasia. The main limit of muscle growth is the number of skeletal muscle cells, which is genetic limit. Cells can be hypertrpphied to definite ceiling and not higher. However, HGH can change this situation – it can divide muscle cells and in this way, move your genetic limit of growth. Instead of 1 big cell you will get 2 smaller ones, which have higher growth potential.

What results should I expect if I buy HGH?

Your results will depend on many factors. The main are your current physique, dosage and cycle duration and of course, your diet and training plan.

Dosage. If you plan your first cycle, you need to take about 5 IU of HGH a day to get good result. Optimal cycle duration is 3-4 months. This period is enough to get all benefits of HGH.

Current physique. Growth hormone will work great if your mass is less than 240 lbs. In other case, you need to combine HGH with insulin or steroids.

Training. High voluminous training shows good results when you take HGH, because it helps to induce hyperplasia better than other types of training.


Proper HGH use will give you nice results

Nutrition. To get all of growth hormone you need to eat as much as you can. Don’t worry about gaining fat – on HGH your body won’t do it. Increase your calorie intake by adding carbohydrates and fats and also, take 3 g of protein at a kg of weight.


If you follow these recommendations and buy HGH of high quality, your will gain about 10-15 lbs of muscles and lose the same amount of fat. You will become ripped and vascular.

Side effects

  • Water retention
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain in fingers and wrists
  • Suppression of pancreas function. You need to add exogenous insulin if you take high dosage of HGH
  • Risk of development of already existing tumor
  • Enlargement of internal organs. This side effect exist only if use HGH in high dosage (more than 15 IU) for long periods (6 months and more)

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