From where do you ship?

We ship from Russia and Ukraine via EMS shipping. It takes 7-12 days to the US, UK, and EU. And 2 weeks to Canada, Australia. Tracking is provided.

Do you offer US domestic delivery?

Yes, we do. We ship via USPS 2-day priority. Domestic shipments are done 1-3 times a week depending on the order load.
Current stock of HGH domestic brands varies, for more information – please apply the “domestic shipping” filter.

Shipping price

The regular cost is 35 $ for international shipping. And 70 $ for domestic shipping.

Free shipping is available on orders of 300 IU and more

If we don’t have the brand you want to buy domestically, please let us know a few weeks in advance, we can arrange it for you.

What if my order gets lost or seized?

We offer a full replacement on lost/seized orders for US and UK customers only. Seizure rate is 1 out of 200 packages, it’s extremely rare.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin and other crypto, PayPal, bank transfer, and wise.com as primary payment options.
If you wish to pay via Western Union or credit card, contact us or write it in the order reference.

Requirements for PayPal payments

* The shipping details and your PayPal name should be the same.
* If you don’t have a Paypal account yet and are creating a new one for this transaction, please contact us first.
* If your PayPal account isn’t verified, contact us first before sending.
PayPal is free for the sender and the receiver covers the expenses unlike in other payment methods.
We ask customers paying with PayPal to cover the 5 % fee on our side in order to keep prices the same for people using other payment methods.

Is your HGH real?

Yes, it is. We value our customers and are looking for a long-term relationship, not one-time payment by providing fake products.
Spectros, Zptropin, Jintropin have elements verifying authenticity (stickers, codes) to ensure they are real.
Norditropin doesn’t have the security systems but these brands are almost impossible to counterfeit because pen/cartridges are patented and expensive to produce illegally.
We also run third-party lab tests on the HGH we sell. You can check the results here.