Jintropin 200 IU kit

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Manufacturer - Gene Science

This is a Chinese company. The quality of Jintropin is guaranteed because the Chinese government monitors production.

Quantity – 200 IU

One kit contains 20 vials.

A certified brand

Jintropin is certified pharmaceutical-grade HGH.

Purity - 97.19%

Gene Science uses up-to-date technology. Also, they adhere to strict manufacturing standards to achieve this level of purity.

Reliable protection system

Every kit has an exclusive sticker that has numbers and fibers on it. This system makes it impossible to counterfeit this brand of HGH. You can trust jintropin.us to sell only real jintropin.

Delivery Time - 7-12 days

We ship our products quickly. That means you will receive your order in 7-12 days of ordering. We should note that, in some cases, shipping may take longer. In these cases, it could take up to 3 weeks. We charge $35 for shipping, but we ship for free if you order 300+ IU.

Jintropin has the following benefits:

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What is HGH & how does it work?

HGH is one of three primary anabolic hormones in the human body. The functions of HGH include growth and development. This includes muscle growth. HGH also helps the body burn fat. Plus, HGH promotes the health and appearance of the skin. Finally, it’s involved in macronutrient metabolism.

The pituitary gland is responsible for secreting HGH. Sometimes, however, there may be a problem. This leads to an insufficient amount being secreted. This leads to growth deficiency. The other problem with HGH is that production declines as we get older. Both problems can be solved by using recombinant human growth hormone such as Jintropin. This is synthetic HGH. It increases the levels of HGH in the body. Synthetic HGH was originally discovered in the 1980s, and it is structurally the same as natural HGH.

Brand Background

The Chinese company Gene Science makes Jintropin. This brand is regarded as one of the most highly reputable pharmaceutical companies in business. In fact, this is the brand made famous by Sly Stallone. Other celebrities that have used Jintropin include Madonna.

Here’s a breakdown of its history:

Gene Science was established in 1996.

They first manufactured Jintropin in 1997.

It’s now approved by and sold in the pharmacies of seven countries.

Jintropin is popular with bodybuilders, actors, and celebrities. If you want to build muscle, lose fat, and look young, Jintropin is a great choice.

Genuine and counterfeit Jintropin

There are two kinds of Jintropin available. One has Chinese hieroglyphs on the box. On the other hand, genuine Jintropin has Cyrillic letters on the box.

Many online retailers claim they sell genuine Jintropin. This is verified by saying that the Jintropin they sell is internally distributed in China. However, the rules of selling in China are strict. Therefore, it’s difficult to get genuine Jintropin. For that reason, most Jintropin with Chinese writing on the box is fake. Not only that, it will have 2-4 IUs per vial when it should have 10 IUs. These products are made illegally. Therefore, do not buy Jintropin with Chinese writing on the box. Buy from jintropin.us and get only genuine Jintropin. Remember, it should have Cyrillic writing on it.

Define a type of Jintropin

There are two types of Jintropin. One has a yellow top with an orange line on the box. This contains 10 IUs per vial. The other one has a green line on the box. This one has 4 IUs per vial.


Verify the quality of the package

You will find a sticker with special individual fibers on the front of the box. In order to verify the quality, simply use the official website. You will be able to see if the picture on the screen matches the package.


Find out the exclusive code of the kit

The sticker will also have a scratch field. Under this scratch field is the exclusive code of the kit.


Check what Jintropin kit includes

Every kit contains vials with HGH powder. There will also be ampules that contain bacteriostatic water. Depending on the type of kit, it may include insulin syringes.


How do you check Jintropin?

Use this link:


Insert the code first. The picture of the fiber locations will appear.

How should you take Jintropin?

Use a 5 day on, 2 day off protocol

Like any HGH product, you should use Jintropin consistently. We recommend a 5 day on, 2 day off cycle. Your cycle length should last between 3 and 6 months.

Inject Jintropin twice per day

Take one injection in the morning. Take your second injection 6-8 hours later.

The premium quality of Jintropin makes it one of most desired brands of HGH on the market. Order Jintropin from jintropin.us today!